Saturday, 5 December 2009

Tree planting time...

Here we go, here we go, here we go....

Santa has come early this year (though the Tooth-fairy was late for my Birthday), but not in time for us to take part in the "Tree O Clock" planting today. Probably more due to my forgetting when it was... treeoclock

Anyway, pictured above are the parcels that Santa dropped off on his way to the North Pole to finish pressy-wrapping. In those parcels are:

6 x Foxwhelp

6 x Kingston Black

6 x Brown's Apple

6 x Major

6 x Herefordshire Redstreak

6 x Tommy Rodford

3 x Sops in Wine

3 x Hangy Down

3 x Katy

3 x Tom Putt

and 1 x Tremlett's Bitter (to replace a casualty...)

There are also two Dennsiton's Superb Gage trees and two Merryweather Damson trees = pies!!!

So although we have missed the Tree O Clock planting record, we hope to show that we are holding our end up. However it doesn't end there, as we are awaiting to hear if our order for 6 x Sweet Alfords will bear fruit, but we don't expect to hear news from that until later this month or into January 2010. We also have the 6 x Dabinetts that have been happily growing-on in pots to take to their new home.

So if my maths is correct, we have at least 59 - and a maximum of 65 - trees to plant. Phew! First though we are going to heel them all in so that we can lift and position at our leisure, as we still have more than half of the plot to clear of brambles, willows, birch and nettles.

Talking of leisure, it will be something I am likely to have a lot of in the future as I am in the process of leaving the teaching profession after 29-odd years at The Chalk Face, man and boy. Our new shed is up, and the barbecue, table and chairs are already in - I am a great believer in priorities! - so I am likely to be spending a lot of time there from now on while Gail remains at work keeping me in the manner to which I have become accustomed.

All I need now is a puppy, so that man and dog can sit munching sausage sarnies while gazing out over the growing apple trees...

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