Wednesday, 2 July 2008


After much wrangling and gnashing of teeth, I've finally gotten round to starting a blog about the everyday cider-exploits of a couple of (idiots?) people who have a desire to make real, full-juice craft cider in Nottinghamshire, predominantly from Nottinghamshire-grown fruit. The picture on the left is a bath-full of Nottinghamshire apples ready to be washed and inspected, taken in October 2007 on our 'estate' (ie. in our back garden).
The inspiration or should I say coercion for doing this, came from our good friend Mark of Rockingham Forest Cider fame. Bless him. Blogging is very new to me, so the start will probably be shaky, but hopefully I'll get the hang of it - eventually! Cheers!


Karen & Mark said...

Top job Ray, opens with a great in-your-face image. Looking forward to your blog developing. I notice a Tub 'O' Torkard Cider has made it to the Derby Beer Festival (9th - 13th July, Assembly Rooms). Are you going?

Ray said...

Oh yes, we'll be there, clutching our Tub 'o' Torkard tightly. We have been invited to the 'Producers' session on the opening night, so should be fun. Are you coming up?

Kevin said...

Ray, stumbled across your site. Great work - I'm fascinated by the way you have grown since 2000, and would love to duplicate that here in Devon.

Please keep up your blog.